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Filippo Di Nardo Leccese


Comfort, protection and style are paramount to the design of his gloves and this is enhanced by the fact that it is only Di Nardo himself who carries out the entire production process by hand. With such close control over the development of his products, you can be sure there is no other line of boxing attire that can match the prestige of Di Nardo.

Having previously worked for the family tailoring business, Filippo began to create bespoke boxing equipment bringing the Italian values of excelling in detail and style with him. Every piece of equipment carrying the Di Nardo brand, has been curated in Italy, using only the finest of materials. All items are produced individually with meticulous detail and no glove or pad would ever leave the workshop unless perfection had been achieved.  

Innovative design and stylish looks have caught the eye of many professional boxers, who now choose to wear the gloves produced by Filippo Leccese. With such expert craftsmanship developed in the heart of Italy, a boxer can only enter the ring with an enhanced sense of confidence with DiNardo gloves on his fists.

Behind every pair of professional or training set of gloves comes hours of in depth research curated over many years by this intriguing Italian gentleman who is truly besotted with the sport. His one of a kind designs are craft produced  so that the products are durable and long lasting, upholding the traditions of a true craftsman.



When it comes to the creation of one off professional gloves, head guards or punching bags, there is a broad selection of 65 leather colours to choose from. No matter what combination you select when acquiring a Di Nardo product, satisfaction is guaranteed. An unparalleled level of focus is put into boxing equipment, eliminating any room for error. With any purchase from Di Nardo, you can be sure to stamp your personality on your creation through Signore Di Nardo and his expertise.


Innovation is central to Di Nardo’s work and being a smaller artisan company allows for a greater level of customer satisfaction. Expert knowledge can be absorbed by any boxer who approaches Di Nardo to make a purchase, whilst personal design choices can be made too. 

Approved & Certified

Equum I, Equum II & Tutela are certified by:

Nevada Athletics Commission

New York State Athletic Commission

WBC (World Boxing Council)

BBBOFC (pending)