Customise your gloves

The beauty of having a craftsman create your dream set of boxing gloves in a small workshop in the middle of Turin, is that you can design something amazing. Filippo Di Nardo has previously custom built gloves for amateurs and professional fighters alike with great care and passion. You too can obtain this superior purchasing experience simply by completing a contact form detailing your exact specifications.

Once you have provided your measurements and selected the colours you want for your professional gloves, the request will be reviewed and a mock-up of the design provided for you to view. You can at this stage ask for tweaks to be made and Di Nardo can then work his magic and set about work in producing another work of art.


What options are available to me?

No two pairs of Di Nardo gloves are ever the same, so to be part of this exclusive club, you can choose everything about your boxing equipment from the weight, to the colour leathers used on your glove. You have control over it all, from the outer glove to the thumb, just request exactly your vision of your perfect finished glove.
Not only this you can choose the padding of the glove to suit your style, whilst all Di Nardo gloves fall in line with the relevant boxing professional standard rulings. You can also have written on your gloves any message you wish.  

How do I purchase my custom professional gloves?

  1. You can contact Di Nardo with your request via the contact form.

  2. A form is then supplied so you can specify; the type of glove you want, the weight, the closing, the colour, the padding and any custom message you wish to add to the design

  3. Di Nardo will mock up the glove design with your needs considered and you can then confirm any minor tweaks before placing the order.

  4. The gloves will be produced by hand using the finest Italian leather, Di Nardo and his handmade tools.

Re-padding Service

Customer care is at the heart of the Di Nardo values, after all he is used to the customer coming into the workshop off the streets of Turin and placing the order directly. So much so the longevity of your gloves is so paramount to him, you can send your gloves back to him once the padding has worn and he will refit them in order to provide the beautiful leather, and you design with a new lease of life. Only the shipping costs need to be covered by the customer. This high level of due care and attention is unparalleled in the world of boxing and is what sets Di Nardo apart as the best glove maker on the planet.

No size, just weight.

A common question is what size glove will I need. If you are to purchase from Di Nardo there is no size required as all gloves will fit. You may request a certain weight and this can be accommodated but Di Nardo gloves come in one size that will fit all. If placing an order for training gloves, there is a choice of Velcro and lacing closures, but all professional fight gloves are lace closed.


You can create your Di Nardo professional gloves in the knowledge safety has been considered in all designs. The reality of boxing is considered in every pair so you can box with confidence your hands, trainer and opponent will be protected.

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